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Interview with Ryan Dahl, Node.js & Deno creator by Evrone |
In an interview with Evrone, Ryan Dahl speaks about the main challenges in Deno, the future of JavaScript and TypeScript, and tells how he would have changed his approach to Node.js if he could travel back in time.
Article Rust 1
GitHub Actions to guard your workflow by Evrone |
Read an article on how to use the GitHub Actions Evrone wrote to run rubocop, brakeman, reek, fasterer, hadolint, and dotenv-linter linters on your project.
Interview with Kenneth Reitz, Pipenv & Requests libraries author by Evrone |
In an interview with Evrone Kenneth talks about the top issues Python developers face while scaling applications, shares his thoughts on async / await paradigm in Python, speaks about his project PyTheory, and the “natural affinity” for software development.
Datanymizer is an in-flight template-driven data anonymization tool by Evrone |
Datanymizer is an open-source, GDPR-compliant, privacy-preserving data anonymization tool flexible about how the anonymization takes place
What are the key changes in dotenv-linter v3.0.0 release? - |
Read an article about dotenv-linter v3.0.0 release written in Rust that includes API improvements, colored output, support for multi-line values & export prefix, improved validation, performance improvements and more.

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