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The Soundness Pledge | Raph Levien’s blog |
Lately there has been considerable drama around Actix-web, for which I’ll point to Steve Klabnik’s A sad day for Rust to explain. This post is an opportunity to share some thoughts I’ve had about soundness, Rust, and open source community.
Article Raph Levien Rust Jan 18, 2020 1  
Thoughts on Rust bloat | Raph Levien’s blog |
I’m about to accept a PR that will increase druid’s compile time about 3x and its executable size almost 2x. In this case, I think the tradeoff is worth it (without localization, a GUI toolkit is strictly a toy), but the bloat makes me unhappy and I think there is room for improvement in the Rust ecosystem.
Article Raph Levien Rust Aug 21, 2019 1  

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