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async-std - Stop worrying about blocking: the new async-std runtime, inspired by Go |
async-std is a mature and stable port of the Rust standard library to its new async/await world, designed to make async programming easy, efficient, worry- and error-free. We announced async-std on August 16th - exactly 4 month ago. Our focus for the initial release was providing a stable and reliable API for users to build async applications on, modelled after Rust standard library. It came with a number of innovative implementations: The first implementation of a JoinHandle based task API and single-allocation tasks.
Article Stjepan Glavina Rust Dec 16, 2019 1  
async-std - Announcing async-std |
async-std - Announcing async-std
Article Stjepan Glavina Rust Aug 16, 2019 1  

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