By Nick Fitzgerald :
Synthesizing Loop-Free Programs with Rust and Z3 |
This post makes extensive use of math symbols, and uses MathJax.js to render them, therefore I recommend enabling JavaScript.
Writing Programs! That Write Other Programs!! |
I gave a short talk about program synthesis at !!ConWest this year titled “Writing Programs! ThatWrite Other Progams!!” Here’s the abstract for the talk:
Announcing Better Support for Fuzzing with Structured Inputs in Rust |
Today, on behalf of the Rust Fuzzing Authority, I’d like toannounce new releases of the arbitrary,libfuzzer-sys, and cargo fuzzcrates. Collectively, these re...
Writing a Test Case Generator for a Programming Language |
Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert requested resources for learning about fuzzingprogramming language implementations on Twitter:

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