By Aleksey Kladov :
Call Site Dependency Injection |
This post documents call site dependency injection pattern.It is a rather low level specimen and has little to do with enterprise DI.The pattern is somewhat ...
Notes On Lock Poisoning |
Rust’s libs teams is considering overhauling std::sync module.As a part of this effort, they are launching lock poisoning survey.
Why an IDE? |
Some time ago I wrote a reddit comment explaining the benefits of IDEs.Folks refer to it from time to time, so I decided to edit it into an article form.Enjoy!
Notes on Paxos |
These are my notes after learning the Paxos algorithm.The primary goal here is to sharpen my own understanding of the algorithm, but maybe someone will find ...
Things I Have Learned About Life |
Hey, unlike all other articles on this blog, this one isn’t about programming, it’s about my personal life.It’s nothing important, just som...
Why Not Rust? |
I’ve recently read an article criticizing Rust, and, while it made a bunch of good points, I didn’t enjoy it — it was an easy t...
Simple but Powerful Pratt Parsing |
Welcome to my article about Pratt parsing — the monad tutorial of syntactic analysis.The number of Pratt parsing articles is so large that ...
Study of std::io::Error |
In this article we’ll dissect the implementation of std::io::Error type from the Rust’s standard library.The code in question is here:library/std...
Your Language Sucks, It Doesn’t Matter |
This post describes my own pet theory of programming languages popularity.My understanding is that no one knows why some languages are popular and others are...
Fast Thread Locals In Rust |
Rust thread-locals are slower than they could be.This is because they violate zero-cost abstraction principle, specifically the “you don’t pay fo...
Fast and Simple Rust Interner |
This post describes a simple technique for writing interners in Rust which I haven’t seen documented before.
Rust in 2021 |
This is my response for this year’s call for blog posts.I am writing this as a language implementor, not as a language user.I also don’t try to p...
Who Builds the Builder? |
This is a short note on the builder pattern, or, rather, on the builder method pattern.
Code Smell: Concrete Abstraction |
This is a hand-wavy philosophical article about programming, without quantifiable justification, but with some actionable advice and a case study.
Two Beautiful Rust Programs |
This is a short ad of a Rust programming language targeting experienced C++ developers.Being an ad, it will only whet your appetite, consult other resources ...

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